Higher Ed Branding: You Bet!

Social media was atwitter about the August 15, 2012 story in the Wall Street Journal- “Marketing Pros: Big Brand On Campus” I was pleasantly surprised that they focused on one of my clients; Purdue University. Having spent time working with the talented folks at Creative Services at the West Lafayette, IN campus, I think the WSJ has just not done their homework.

Branding and image is no new concept in higher education. A quick scan of Pentagram’s portfolio of education clients says volumes about institutional branding. The preeminent  international design house has worked with USC, Princeton, Middlebury College, The Big 10 and even Teach for America, just to name a few. Educational Marketing Agencies have been advising their institutional clients on branding and admissions marketing for at least two decades.

When a college or university is able to express their unique culture and identity, it unites the entire campus, alumni and friends. It also serves as a way to attract future students. That is a pretty tall order. When I work with institutions that do it successfully it is a joy.


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