Higher Ed. Photography and Springtime?

_dsc0261This is “Master’s Week” in Augusta, GA.  Redbud and Dogwood are in full bloom in Northwest Georgia, but we have a 20% chance of snow showers.  On top of the Cumberland Plateau(image above from a winter visit this year), two hours of here, a last charge of cold from the north is telling us that it will not go down for the season without one last shout.

The weather will return to “normal” within a few days.  Then out come the shorts and classes on the lawn.  In a way this crazy cold snap makes you better appreciate the beauty of a college campus and how the students and faculty respond to their environment.

Paul O’Mara



One thought on “Higher Ed. Photography and Springtime?

  1. Despite the nice warm weather in late April, our campus is never “ready” until mid-May when all the students are gone, so that makes August a busy time for campus shots. It’s just hard convincing the “word and design” people that even though it’s warm and the sun is shining in late April, there’s no leaves on the trees, but they still request campus shots in April anyways.
    Oh well.

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